FMTL – Chapter 070 Part 2

This chapter was edited by midori and I Chapter 070 Part 2 Anran went into the office, put the bag down, then heard sound of the office door opening. Huang Dexing pushed open the door. His face was smiling at her. Anran stood up, “Director, what can I do for you?” Huang Dexing smiled and […]

FMTL – Chapter 70 Part 1

This chapter was edited by me and midori. Chapter 070 Part 1 The next morning, Su Yi Cheng still insisted on sending Anran to work. They just went another elevator down when they encountered Ling Ran in the parking area. Ling Ran saw them and her face was full of smiles towards them. Anran glanced […]

FMTL – Chapter 069 Part 5

This chapter was edited by Midori and I Chapter 069 Part 5 Anran was in the kitchen tidying up her clothes. She patted her hot face, while her ears were listening to the movements outside. She was originally afraid that someone came in. She looked so awkward and didn’t know what to do, but she […]

FMTL – Chapter 069 Part 4

This chapter was edited by me and midori Chapter 069 Part 4 The woman looked at Anran. She could not help but be stunned, then she laughed, and softly, she said, “Gu Anran, we meet again.” Anran breathed a sigh of relief. She smiled at the woman, then said, “What a coincidence. Ling Ran also […]

FMTL – Chapter 069 Part 3

Hello.. There are a lot of complain about chapter 37, so I edited it. Click this link for chapter 37. I’m really sorry for the late update. This chapter was edited by me and midori. Chapter 069 Part 3 Huang Dexing looked at Xiao Xiao’s eyes. He sipped the cup of tea on the table. While […]

FMTL – Chapter 69 Part 2

Hellooo.. I’m back. I’m really sorry for long absent. I begin my translation again slowly. Chapter 69 Part 2      The sun hung over head. Obviously, it was not the hot season and month, but still, the sun shone intensely. And at the site, the sun at the time had nearly come out a little more. […]

FMTL – Chapter 69 Part 1

Hello.. It’s been a while. I’m sorry for the late update. I’m very busy and going to be busy for next two months (until july). So, I think I can’t do the translation for the time being. Maybe, when I miss Anran and Yi cheng, I’ll do it. I’m very sorry for the convenience. Chapter […]